I had my third run in my Kinvaras on Tuesday night. I planned to do about 3ish miles but you know how these things go and I ended up doing 4. So I’ve gone 1.4 -> 2.0 -> 4.0 miles. I handled 2.0 just fine but it turns out 4.0 is just about the cut off for what’s sensible right now; my left Achilles has been a bit achy, my calves are tight and I have a few minor twinges on under my heels. I am probably going to skip them for my next couple of runs.

Overly optimistic distances aside, I am really pleased with them. With my regular shoes I feel like my foot plants itself very definitely on the ground, with these I feel more like I am gliding over it (hopefully my foot is not actually gliding). It feels like I am transferring from landing to push off more efficiently. Not every strike is perfect but if you get a few of them in a row you do feel kind of weightless. My pace in them so far has been consistently faster than normal, and that’s not been via any intentional effort on my part. I’m not so interested in pace right now, but if my form is more efficient then I’m not complaining.

Now of course, the problem is that Kinvaras are pretty difficult to buy for a reasonable price in the UK so I am going to have to keep my eyes open for sales and horde them when I can. One day I will open my wardrobe and be crushed under hundreds of unopened Saucony shoe boxes.


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