Second Kinvara run

This might be a bit premature since the grand total of my Kinvara’s mileage is… 3.4 miles, but so far… I love them! My first run in them was a bit awkward, I felt the lower drop and it threw me off, but once I got a feel it seemed ok. The second run was amazing. They felt natural straight away. I felt so light, it was like I was flying, which is a very unusual feeling for me on an evening run. I was concerned before about the relative lack of cushioning but I think it’s just technique – if you land correctly, you don’t need it, you still feel like you hit the ground softly (of course, I speak from the privileged position of having a body mass index of 18.0).

It seemed a shame to stop after only 2 miles but I need to be sure my calves can take the flatter shoe before the distances increase much. I am expecting much stiffness tomorrow…

update +24 hours: Calves are fine. I plan 5ish miles tomorrow and I’m very very tempted to wear them for that, but I’ll play it safe and wait for a 3ish route next week.


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