Progress? Sort of

Since seeing the physio last Monday I have been repeating a particular quad (rectus femoris) stretch several times a day. It’s surprised me because in the same time frame I have also seen my knee strangeness and discomfort virtually vanish, and the mysterious clicking tendon is clicking an awful lot less.

I’ve previously tried the standard standing quad stretch, and even a pigeon pose extension to no real effect, so I’m a bit surprised this one is hitting something different, but apparently it is.

Then I ran yesterday evening, and now this evening everything has tightened up again. The tendon is clicking more violently. The stretch makes it very obvious that I’ve suddenly gained a lot of tension in my rectus femoris.

So. This is a useful discovery. Now I just have to figure out what it means.

What would cause my rectus femoris to tighten up after running? Presumably it is taking over the job of a weaker muscle elsewhere…


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