When you are trying to strengthen muscle it is hard to know whether the exercises are having much effect. Therefore it is with great pleasure that today I have been experiencing a wonderful deep ache in my… buttocks.

I have been doing my hip flexor stretches (see:, do yourself a favour and pop a pillow under your knee). On the right leg this is seriously tight, on the left, not so much. So far my knee seems to have improved slightly – the clicking tendon is not clicking at all right now. Unfortunately it keeps doing this then it gets worse again. So we’ll see. It is a logical possibility – as I understand it, a tight hip flexor can cause your pelvis to rotate forwards which makes your hamstrings artificially tight because they’ve got to cover slightly more distance to stay attached to the back of the pelvis, which is now raised slightly. Or something.

In other news I am eating everything. All the things. If my metabolism ever slows down I am going to become obese overnight.


I like blogging

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