2014 looks up slightly


He didn’t think there was anything seriously wrong (meniscus, arthritis), which is good, but didn’t really know what was actually wrong. I have another appointment in three weeks’ time, until then I am supposed to keep stretching my hamstrings and hip flexors, and to keep running. He also advised that I stretch my hamstrings before running, because apparently they are rather tight. Stretching before running goes against conventional wisdom of course, but if they are overly tight and affecting the way I absorb impact then it makes sense.

I’m content with this. It would be more satisfying to be diagnosed with something concrete rather than general aches and pains, but it’s nice to feel that I’ve been checked over properly.

My cold seems much improved so I will be back to running soon. It seems to be one of those mild colds that other people get. I am pretty excited about testing out my Kinvaras. It’s starting to get a bit ridiculous how many pairs of shoes I have lying by the door.


I like blogging

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One comment on “2014 looks up slightly
  1. Enjoy your running mate!

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