2014’s downhill trend continues

Good news: Kinvaras came.
Bad news: I can’t believe I have another cold. I go almost a year without getting ill, then it’s twice in about 4 weeks, courtesy of an annoying family member.

I hate colds because I always seem to get bad ones. Other people seem to tootle around with a handkerchief and cheerily proclaim “don’t come near me, I have a cold!”. Not me. I turn into a zombie and everyone within a 200m radius can tell I have a cold. I am not sure if this means my immune system is rubbish and it’s not protecting me, or that it’s really good and its unrivaled ability to produce and expel vast quantities of mucus at a moment’s notice is what makes me feel like death. I predict the terrible symptoms will hit some time Sunday night and last until Tuesday.

I was going to do a really short Kinvara test run but in the end I didn’t; partly because I couldn’t be bothered, partly because it was raining and partly because I had knee aches on Thursday and Friday. These aches are a new sensation. I am at the physio on Monday (nice timing) but don’t really expect any insight there and then.

I think I might just hibernate until 2015.


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