Rubbish start to 2014

I planned this week to run Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday doing medium/short/long runs. The Tuesday run went fine but then on Wednesday my knee was aching. Not proper aches where you can actually point to a bit of your knee and say “there, that bit aches”, just non-specific “I think maybe there is an ache somewhere in that area but I’m not actually sure where”. Then when walking to work this morning I felt more aches. These were very much on the medial side, but exactly where I don’t know.

It may be coincidence but my hip has started clicking going upstairs again. It’s really weird – I can hold my hand on my hip and feel it. After a little investigation it turns out this is called snapping hip syndrome and the click is the IT band snapping over the bony bit at the side of the hip. I cannot find anything saying that a tight IT band can cause medial knee problems though.

So in the name of being sensible, my Thursday run did not happen. Instead I spent 30 minutes doing some hip/glute strengthening. My right hip flexor is really tight and I’ve neglected it so far. I don’t understand the relation between hip flexors and knees, but I can definitely feel some tightness/pressure around my knee when I raise my leg in front of me.

So I guess the most likely explanation for my knee ache is that I have a generally rubbish kinetic chain in my right leg and things aren’t working properly. But as I seem to cycle through muscles, stretching and strengthening and not really seeing any overall improvement to the actual knee, I am also a bit worried about things like arthritis :-\ I don’t really match the risk profile – not old enough, not heavy enough, an unimpressively empty history of traumatic injury, and neither of my parents have any problems. Supposedly running actually lowers your risk. But you still worry.


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