2014 goals

It’s fashionable among people who are starting to get a bit old and boring to make goals for the new year. Here we are.

1. Keep running. Self explanatory.

2. Sort my knee out.
It’s not giving me any real problems, but it is also not quite right and I feel like I have to be cautious with it. My doctor thinks it’s a quad/hamstring imbalance. He might be right; I cut my 5.5 mile run 0.5 miles short yesterday because my lateral hamstring seemed to be tiring and tightening up. I have a physiotherapy appointment early in January where I will hopefully learn what is actually wrong and how to rectify it.

2b. Investigate more minimal running – this should be pretty easy as I have a pair of Saucony Kinvaras on the way thanks to the post-Chrimbo sales. It’s fairly hard to buy less mainstream running shoes in the UK from reputable shops, so I hope they actually turn up. The Kinvaras have a 4mm heel to toe drop (compared to 9-13 in most running shoes) which supposedly makes landing on the mid-foot, as opposed to the heel, the more natural way to do things, which relieves some of the impact on the knee by absorbing it in the foot/calf. I am not fully convinced it offers any real advantage over mid-foot striking in my Asics, which I think I am doing consistently now, but I am open minded.

3. Don’t get injured. This involves things like cutting runs short when hamstrings unexpectedly tighten up.

4. Run consistently
5. Run frequently, even if it’s only a couple of miles
6. Run comfortably, i.e. slowly, we’re going for longevity here.

7. Run 1000 km – this is about 12 miles a week. If my knee gets neither better nor worse, this is achievable.
7b. Bonus points: 1000 miles – this is about 20 miles a week. This might be achievable if my knee clears up quickly, but seems unwise to aim for at the moment.

8. 200 hours of yoga/pilates. This is about 4 a week. Have to admit, I’m really enjoying yoga so I don’t foresee this being a problem.

9. Eat more oily fish. ‘More’ is a redundant term in this sentence.
9b. Cod liver oil everrrry day. Not literally every day. Most days. Bonus points for not vomiting.


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