Aches and colds

Last week I:
– Maybe overstretched during yoga on Tuesday (or was it Monday) and my hamstrings ached and seized up for the next few days.
– Had a short medium pace run on Thursday which was fine
– Had a long medium pace run on Saturday which was OK except a few transient knee/shin aches throughout. I couldn’t really tell if it was actually my knee or the top of my shin, I think the latter.
– Had a short and fast run Sunday (same route as Thursday) which was really good until I got to a hill. The hill is a bit steep at the bottom then levels out over about a quarter of a mile. As soon as I started on the hill, I could feel the impacts in my knee on the medial side. If it hadn’t dissipated as the hill flattened out I would have stopped. This is really annoying for obvious reasons but also because I was landing so lightly anyway. I can’t land lighter! But maybe this is the problem, I’ve gone from not caring how loud my footsteps were to trying to turn them into soft pats, and maybe it just needs different muscles that aren’t really developed yet.

I’m getting lingering knee aches so I’ve now booked a physio appointment for January. I think it’s just an assessment initially.

My right leg just seems to be suffering in general. Calf aches, shin aches, think I’ve slightly strained the hip flexor (again), and some achey pain in the inner thigh just above the knee that seems to be related to a (hip adductor?) tendon that runs down there. Left leg is fine.

In other news I’ve caught a cold. I normally get just one annual cold, every January, so I am above quota for this year. I hope it is subtracted from next year’s. I’ve just past the “I am still feeling OK, maybe this cold isn’t going to floor me like all the others always do right after I think they won’t” and now I am reconsidering that assessment as I can’t be bothered to do anything more energetic than sitting slouching lying in a chair. At least my leg will get some recovery time.


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