Wednesday – 3.0 miles, 23:34 – 7:51/mile
Saturday – 5.4 miles, 45:08, 8:21/mile
Sunday – 1.4 miles, 9:07, 6:31/mile

I am doing all of this trying to keep my cadence at 180+. 5.4 miles was too far for this, I definitely wasn’t holding it together very well in the last 2 miles or so. But I did underestimate how long my route actually was when I plotted it out in my head.

The Saturday time seems a bit slow but it includes about two minutes of faffing around with mp3 player wiring. Why don’t running clothes have pockets? Obviously so they can also sell separate arm pockets, which are both more expensive than a normal pocket (which usually come for free) AND LESS USEFUL. I tried to wear it over my sleeve. This turned out to be a mistake as it meant I had about 3 feet of wiring flailing everywhere. If you wear it under your clothes, you can thread the wiring underneath too, but then the pocket is totally inaccessible. It’s a pain either way. If you knock two minutes off the time it’s better. But also cheating because I had a two minute rest.

The very short Sunday run is sort of an experiment to try to get my hamstring/quad strength ratio more balanced. If I go out for a longer run I am just going to end up spending most of that time shuffling along at a comfortable pace, which isn’t going to change things much. As I understand it, the hamstrings are used mainly to decelerate your foot before you land, and to propel you forwards. So running quickly with a high cadence should be a pretty good hamstring workout.

This week I’ve also logged just under 7 hours of ‘yoga’, which basically means any time spent stretching/strengthening. Mostly focusing on hamstrings, obviously. I’m particularly ‘enjoying’ single leg Romanian deadlifts, and the supine bridge. The latter is easy to modify to hit the hamstrings harder by putting your feet on a chair. If you hold your weight there, especially on one leg, you can really the back of your leg burn.

As for the knee, I’ve seen a definite improvement this week. It does SEEM to be responding to the hamstring stuff SO FAR.


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