So the Dr thinks I have a hamstring/quad imbalance, i.e. that my quads are big and strong and my hamstrings are little baby muscles. This leads to knee issues because the quads and hamstrings are antagonists; they work against (or with, depending on perspective) each other when bending the knee. If there is a big enough imbalance, things don’t work smoothly. Between running (slightly quad dominant), cycling (very quad dominant) and sitting on my behind all day (no good for hamstrings) this is likely to be correct. The cycling was probably the tipping point.

I can get physiotherapy but this is the NHS so it might take a while. I’ll think about trying to arrange that next week if I don’t get anywhere on my own before then; now that I know what to concentrate on I might have some more luck.

I definitely have tight hamstrings. I can’t touch my toes at the best of times, and early in a morning I’m lucky to get my wrists lower than my knees. I’m not sure if they are weak per se, but I will be working on strength too. In the meantime I’ll cut out the cycling and keep runs shortish as I would quite like this resolved quickly.


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