I have my doctor’s appointment for my knee coming up on Thursday. In the last 5 weeks of self diagnosis/treatment I’ve got precisely nowhere, so I’m glad I booked the appointment. The summary is:

  • Lateral hamstring tendon clicks at my outer knee (painlessly) when I bend my knee to 90 degrees (from straight)
  • Something sometimes clicks when I walk; I don’t think it’s the same tendon but it’s in a similar place. This seems to only get worse after exercise (next day or two), but certainly does not always get worse
  • Some vague feelings of tightness on the inner side, possibly extending slightly up my inner thigh, and across the back of the knee
  • Some occasional soreness on the inner side when walking (none yet while running/biking)
  • Miscellaneous transient aches and tightness around the knee

Let’s assume it’s all related.

I took four weeks off biking and two off running (at the same time, i.e. there was a two week period I was doing neither). As far as I can tell, running and biking sometimes make it worse and sometimes don’t. Not running and not biking don’t make it much better and it is entirely possible for it to get worse when doing neither. This is the kind of unhelpful data that makes you wonder why you bothered trying to learn anything.

So I suspect it’s a muscle imbalance, which isn’t going to fix itself, or at least, not quickly. Unfortunately I don’t really know which muscles. I’m guessing hamstrings (weak/tight) and quads (strong), but then we get into the specifics of “well which quads/hamstrings?”. It’s common to have a strong lateral quad but a weak inner quad, for example. What if my quads are imbalanced with THEMSELVES? Do I need to stretch or strengthen? How do I strengthen hamstrings without an expensive gym membership? The problem with an imbalance is a blanket attack might just strengthen both sides of the imbalance.

So hopefully the Dr will provide some insight and/or refer me to a physio.


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