Cod liver oil

I’ve started taking cod liver oil. I used to take it occasionally when I was very young, because my grandfather used to insist that it lubricated his joints and sort of bullied me into taking. My six year old self took this lubrication concept literally and didn’t quite believe that the human body worked quite like that. The only thing I remember about it was that it was absolutely revolting, but my taste buds have grown up since then, so I approached it with an open mind. Turns out I was right the first time, it really is awful. The whole experience is terrible, the taste, the smell, the oily texture. It makes me imagine being bathed in a haul of fish in the north sea. Worse still is the fishy reflux for the next hour. It’s really vile stuff. It is a mystery that shops sell it, because that implies people buy it. Therefore I must assume that whatever it does, it is amazing at it.

I am hoping this will either fix my knee twinges or provide a convenient placebo. I am a bit worried by these because I am a bit of a hypochondriac, but also because they may have started when I hit my knee into the bike pretty hard. Trauma + inner knee pain = bad news. They also may not have started then; they are vague, and when I say ‘hit’, it was a head-on hit that shouldn’t have involved any twisting or anything like that. But I will mention this to the doctor next week. I have found that foam rolling my VMO and outer quad elicits some interesting knee sensations, so it may just be some muscle knots/trigger points.

My calves have almost recovered from Saturday. “Almost” meaning that I didn’t have to get a lift home from the station today. Not sure they’ll be up to running this weekend but I am optimistic. Strangely, the standard calf stretches haven’t really hit the tight bits at all, but the foam roller has been amazing at loosening them up. Highly recommended. The nice thing about rolling is that not only are you giving your overworked muscles some relief, but by balancing and supporting yourself on it you can really feel your core muscle strength improving.

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