Muscles and shoes

So I tried a 5k yesterday to see if it would aggravate my knee clicking.

The answer is… I have no idea. I had planned to take a long walk today to see how things were, but I couldn’t because my calves have shut down in protest.

Anyway, last night things were looking good – things were loose enough that I could slowly bend my knee with no clicking(!). Tonight, there’s a soft click. Basically it’s SLIGHTLY worse than it was. So if we deem this statistically significant, then it seems that something is tightening up in the 24-36 hours following a run, not right away. Which narrows the list of suspects down to every single muscle below my waist. The calf tightness struck the moment I stopped running so we can probably rule that out.

It’s a bit disappointing this run seems to have affected it at all – my form felt good, symmetrical, and my footsteps were quiet and light. I ran faster than I intended (8:02/mile) but that’s OK because it was comfortable. Until I stopped. I wonder if my calves are so sore because I’m working against my heavy trainers for a light touch. I am running in Asics Nimbus 14s, and I really love Asics, but my running style has definitely evolved and maybe I would benefit from something with a lower drop. Something to ponder.


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