Rest considered harmful

Supposedly, taking a break from running for the last two weeks should have allowed my body to sort out its niggles. And by niggles I mean one niggle.

Instead it seems to have developed more.

My imaginary knee pain turned into much more believable knee pain, in the form of a burning ache on the inner side of my right knee as I walked to work yesterday. It seemed to have settled down by the time I walked home in the evening. I still have vague knee twinges and aches, but they move around anywhere from below the knee to above, on the kneecap or to the inner side. I still don’t quite know what to think about this, because in the distant past I certainly had vague knee aches before that I began to run on thinking “this might be a short run”, which actually vanished the moment I started running. On the other hand, back shortly after I took up running, I had an ache which I ran on and then couldn’t walk for a week… soo….

On top of this I have twinges in my left heel and a right hip that is complaining, something about too many clam exercises (okay so that’s technically not ‘rest’).

Unless the burning ache re-appears before, I still intend to run tomorrow…


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