Progress or lack thereof

+ Knee has stopped clicking when I walk.
+ Hip has stopped clicking when I walk up/down stairs – but I’m not sure if this is just a consequence of me making sure I don’t let my right leg collapse inwards
+ Legs in general feel much, much looser; I mean, really looser. Sometimes when I walk I feel like I’m cheating. This yoga business is amazing (I can recommend MTV Yoga with Kristen McGee, it has a red cover)

– I keep getting yoga DVD music stuck in my head. In its defense, it is very good.
– Knee still clicks when I bend my knee (around 90 degrees) – BUT it seems like a softer click than it was (this is totally unmeasurable).
– Knee-cap still clicks when I extend my knee (around 90 degrees).
– Hip sort of clicks and and feels weird when I move my leg in a certain way, but only sometimes (I’m reluctant to investigate this more at the moment as it doesn’t happen normally and it might just be an overuse thing)
– Imaginary miscellaneous knee pain. At least, I think it’s imaginary. Yesterday it occurred to me it was strange I only had imaginary knee pain in my right knee. Sure enough, a few hours later, my left knee started aching.

I think the most quantifiable bit of all this is the clicking when walking. This is the only thing that has gone from “happens” to “doesn’t happen”, so I am going to use this as a metric.

My plan is to run on Saturday. It will have been two weeks, which is long enough to convince me that no other factors are affecting the clickyness. The aim is to not make it start clicking when walking again, which means being careful, which means 3.0 miles at a sedate pace of no faster than 8:30/mile with a nice controlled mid-foot strike.

I am confident. POSITIVE WAVES.



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