recruiters lol

Recruiter: Hello, this is from , we spoke before, I’m just phoning to catch up
Me: Errr
Recruiter: I was wondering, are you still looking or are you in a role
Me: Yes I’m in a role thank you
Recruiter: Oh and how’s that going?
Me: Very well thank you
Recruiter: Oh, so you’re not looking?
Me: No
Recruiter: Oh, well I’ll just email you my updated contact information, it’s changed since we spoke you see, and I have some roles in your area, I’ll send you through the details…

Maybe there was more, I put the phone down here. I find calls from agencies so rude. You could just email me, but no, you insist on interrupting whatever I’m doing because you’ve decided that you’re so important that I must listen RIGHT NOW to what you have to say.

I do actually remember this woman, and she’s right we did speak before. When I was last job-seeking (over a year ago), I did apply for a job advertised by her. I’m not convinced that retaining my personal details for the last 14+ months is strictly in accordance with the law, but never mind, let’s ignore that. She completely failed to be any use to me at all, which is par the course when dealing with recruitment agencies. A few weeks later she phoned up again, to ‘catch up’, in which she tried to get me to divulge the names of other companies I’d applied to (for the naive, this means the moment she finished speaking to me she would phone up those companies and offer them her professional help filling their vacancies – i.e. she would reduce my chances of getting any of those jobs by introducing competition!); she baited me with a role that was “just coming through”, which she would “send me the details of”. No prizes for guessing that my inbox was graced with no such details, and she had indeed just lied to me to get me to give her business leads.

Why is it: When I am looking for a job you completely fail to help me find a job, and when I am not looking for a job you phone up and try to convince me to let you help me look for a job?


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