The problem with injuries is they cause you to intricately analyse every motion and feeling of your body. As well as the problem you’re interested in, you notice the front of your hip is sore when you raise or lower your leg out in front of your body. It feels like it’s resisting. Is this because it’s controlled by a tight muscle which you’ve suddenly hit with all sorts of exercises it’s not used to, or is it because you have FAI (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Femoral_acetabular_impingement)? 
Probably the former. Or similar. But medical conditions are scary things. And the Internet tells you all about them. And gives you photographs of surgical procedures when you just want a picture of someone’s leg with a giant arrow saying “this bit”.
My knee appears to be neither better nor worse. I’m confused by this because last week it showed a definite progression towards getting better, unfazed by a run in the middle of the week. Then it got worse after I ran on Sunday. It seems to have recovered from that but has plateaued at a very slightly worse level it was by the end of last week. This is a bit rubbish.
But I’m not sure there’s much point going to a doctor before my muscles have settled into some stability from the strength exercises. I’ve got a week off work in two weeks’ time, so it probably makes most sense to go then. If it hasn’t sorted itself out. I’m going to stop running and spinning until then, because otherwise a doctor will just tell me to. Sad times. 
Also I ordered a foam roller. I’m very excited, and not just because waiting for deliveries always excites me. I tried using a tennis ball but it’s a bit awkward and gets wrapped up in your clothes.

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