The mysterious clunking knee.
As I mentioned before, my knee is clunking. By clunking I mean that the lower part of my knee somehow seems to not align with the top part at a certain point through the rotation (around 90 degrees), and then seems to jump into position. On stretching out my leg, the knee-cap seems to get stuck then jump; on retracting my leg, the tendon at the outer side of my knee seems to get to a certain point then jump. It doesn’t hurt and it doesn’t usually make any noise, but it is a bit unpleasant. It’s worse when the leg is bearing weight (lunges, squats), but still happens either way.
I was doing better. Lots of stretching and some strength exercises last week seemed to have the clunking all but vanish when walking, and it was getting to the point that in the evenings, the tendon was moving smoothly all the time (the knee-cap wasn’t, but I am guessing that will come later).
Then I ran on Sunday and seem to have reversed all the improvements. My muscles were <em>tight</em> on Monday and I had frequent clunking while walking. Even with an hour of yoga, things never really starting moving smoothly (but it was amazing to walk upstairs immediately afterwards and feel like I was floating straight up them).
I’m guessing this is a muscle tightness problem. The problem is: which muscles? My calves are the biggest offender in terms of tightness, but nothing I’ve read so far suggests they have much influence in knees. I am guessing that when my knee is at 90 degrees, one set of muscles hands over to a different set of muscles and I’m seeing the clunk as they switch over because one set is stronger/tighter than the other set. 
So it looks like I may be off to the doctor next week unless we see any big improvements by the weekend :-\ But since it doesn’t actually hurt (yet) there’s a reasonable chance they won’t be very interested.

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