Running in the dark

Previously I have always avoided running in the dark because of the obvious downsides of being hit by a car, but that means that as soon as the clocks change I’m down to running only at weekends from October until March. This makes me sad, so this year I invested in the obligatory bright yellow clothing and ventured out last night.

The problem is in working out safe routes – you don’t want to be forced to run along any roads, you want to stick to places that are well lit and you want to avoid uneven ground because falling over is embarrassing at best and dangerous at worst.

I only did a very conservative 2.3 miles (17:32, 7:37/mile), partly because of being a bit cautious with the route and partly because I’m still concerned by my mysteriously clicking knee and am half expecting it to erupt into pain after x miles (it was fine, and didn’t click). But it was good. I’m enjoying these short runs.

On the knee front: I think the source of my problem may be a lazy right hip. I took great pains to ensure my left and right legs were landing the same and doing the same amount of work, and by the time I got back my right hip (glute med or max, not sure) was really feeling it. I have also noticed that when I walk up/down stairs my left leg stays strong and my right just goes wherever inertia tells it to unless I make a conscious effort to make it stabilise and support me. I guess I was still not perfectly symmetrical because the DOMS kicked in hard and fast this afternoon and my left leg (quads especially) was still more achy. I think it is just going to take a bit of conscious effort to turn better technique into a habit. It’s like learning guitar playing all over again. OH WELL, that’s what short runs are for. Might do it again tomorrow…


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4 comments on “Running in the dark
  1. BeardyRunner says:

    I recently bought a head torch for my night running. Worth a look

    • laeknishendr says:

      It’s not a bad idea! Even with a short and carefully chosen route there were a few sections where I couldn’t really see where I was landing, and that was a bit worrying.

      • BeardyRunner says:

        Totally, no point rolling your ankle (or worse) and ruining the winter running season due to a loose paving stone or an exposed tree root.

  2. Christine says:

    Definitely get a head torch, they are great and not so expensive. Try to find one without a bulky battery holder as those are heavy and easily slip in all awkward ways when you run.

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