The problem with the internet…

… Is that we have pages like this:

A long and apparently well researched article about ITBS. I keep coming across it and I don’t like it. I am depressingly rational and this guy claims to be a sensible rational sceptic type. I should like it. Instead, I find it distasteful. Why?

It claims to be ‘scientifically correct’. In fact, it uses the string ‘scien’ no fewer than 36 times on the page. The problem I have with the use of the word ‘science’ is that it evokes images of Newton, Gauss, Darwin, Einstein, Feynman, etc; brilliant amazing people who published seminal works in their subjects. It does not evoke images of a guy on the internet who prints a picture of his face part way into his articles, before he tries to extract from you $19.95 to learn the rest of his secret miracle cure to your current affliction. This behaviour is more strongly correlated with mediums, witch doctors and snake oil salesmen.

(I am still not sure if I have (the beginnings of) ITBS. But I am leaning towards whatever it is being caused more by walking than running)


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