Knees are even more complicated than before

I’m a bit confused now.

Following up the mysterious knee clicking…. I’m still leaning towards it being ITBS, but it’s far from certain.

I ran today. I had a mile walk to begin with (as I usually do) and it was clicking CLICK CLICK CLICK annoying pretty much continually for the first half (the click is a feeling, not a sound), until it made a proper audible click from somewhere else in my knee and stopped. Like a pressure release. Which makes no sense to me, but I do sometimes feel a sort of pressure on the inner side of my knee (but it’s REALLY slight and I may be imagining it). I also have to consider that I do just as much walking as running (~3 miles a day on weekdays) and I like to walk fast (I’m very impatient when I get off a train) so it may be caused by my walking gait…

Then I had a nice run. Very nice in fact. 4.9 miles at what felt like a moderate, maybe slightly fast but still comfortable, pace which turns out to be 38:38 or 7:53 a mile, during which time I felt precisely zero clicks. And, yes, I was paying attention. It wasn’t long enough to get tired so I was able to focus on my form. It may well be that as I’ve pushed the distances up my form has gone to pot and I need to go backwards and rebuild it. I’ve noticed my left and right legs are definitely not doing quite the same things by default, which is something I need to rectify and burn into my muscle memory. My left leg seems to go naturally into a mid-foot strike and my right, well, I’m not entirely sure what it does. I was able to get it consistently mid-striking, but it took concentration. I noticed that doing so worked my outer thigh harder, which, coincidentally or not, is where the ITB lives.

Then I did a long (25-30 minute) stretch and strength routine, during which time it was definitely clicking when I flexed my knee.

The mystery continues. I’m really surprised the clicking didn’t expose itself while running.

I’ve decided to give it two weeks with:

  1. Much more attention to running form and reduction in distance (and hills)
  2. Daily stretching (hooray yoga)
  3. Daily strength exercises (muscles permitting, so probably not daily really)
  4. New running shoes – starting today (my old ones were slightly overdue being retired)
  5. Different walking shoes, and more attention to walking form, and maybe walking a bit slower…

And if the clicking doesn’t change or gets worse (or turns into actual pain) then I’ll be off to see a doctor :-\ I’m writing this because now I’ve declared it here, I’ll actually have to do it.


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