Knees are complicated

SO I decided to take a week off from running/cycling starting from last Saturday, because:

1. My muscles were screaming for rest
2. I had a very minor knee pain, and knees scare me

The knee pain has gone, but I’ve become much more conscious of something else. My right knee clicks (pops) a lot. It doesn’t hurt at all, but it’s still worrying. It’s easily reproducible with a body weight squat, but it also happens when cycling, or often just flexing the knee. I have absolutely no idea when this started. When the click happens, you can feel the biceps femoris tendon jump, but I think the movement originates from Gerdy’s Tubercle (yes, I’ve spent quite a while reading up). This is roughly consistent with iliotibial band syndrome which is very consistent with running, except that I have no pain… but it kind of makes sense that this would precede the pain.

So I’ve started an array of strength exercises and stretches. I suppose we’ll see in a month or so whether it makes much difference. I’m not going to stop running unless it actually starts hurting but I will drop the distances down in the short term, at least. 5 miles tomorrow. That’s short, right?


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