8.2 miles – 8:25 a mile

Not great. But not terrible either.

I probably won’t run tomorrow because my legs were unhappy.
Left inner thigh: lots of ache
Left outer thigh: bit of ache
Right knee: some stiffness, very very very dull ache

The knee mystifies me; I woke up on Thursday and felt it, despite not having run since Sunday. However, I did some interval training on the bike Tuesday and Wednesday, and also somehow managed to whack my knee into the bike (ouch). And I did some yoga which definitely put a bit of strain on it. So there are a plethora of possible causes, none of which is running, but I could definitely feel something during bits of the run, so it’s not immune. Annoying. The problem I have with these very slight injuries is how suggestible my mind is; as soon as I suspect there might be some pain somewhere, my brain happily obliges. I’ve felt pain in three different places in and around my knee now. I don’t know which one the ‘true’ pain is, if indeed any of them are.

The muscle aches, though…

It hasn’t been a good week for muscles. I think my problem is that some of my muscles just never get a rest. Due to the convenience of public transport, I walk three miles a day. Calf muscles are used extensively in running, but not so much in walking, so they get a rest when I don’t run. Quads on the other definitely do not get a rest when walking, and my quads are seriously in need of a rest. By running Saturdays and Sundays then not at all during the week, I seem to be running less weekly distance than I was a few months ago and making it more stressful on my body. I am reluctant to run in the dark evenings, but maybe it would be better to do a couple of shorter runs during the week (2-4 miles) and then a longer one at the weekend. But not this week. The obvious risk here though is that it’s difficult to just run 2 miles… I have to get more disciplined with this.


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