Running summary

Saturday: 8.2 miles, 8:02 per mile
Sunday: 4.3 miles, 7:52 per mile

I’m pleased with this. The same routes as last week, down from 8:18 and 8:02 respectively, which is a pretty huge improvement. But unlike last week, the weather is a lot colder, and my legs did not feel like lead (although they will do tomorrow). In fact, not only did my legs not feel like lead, something I noticed was how easy it was to keep a good upper body posture yesterday. I’m not sure if this is the yoga (core strength) showing some very fast results, or just that I was less tired, but in any case, it probably helped the times.

Unfortunately like anything you try to measure, you do end up gaming the metrics a bit. It occurs to me when going slowly up a hill that I’m going to have to put in a large amount of energy to make a small amount of difference here, but once I get to the top and meet the downward gradient, I can get a lot of acceleration for not much effort. This is sort of cheating. Sort of. But on the other hand, when you are pushing for times, you do kick yourself a bit when you feel the overall pace slowing, and keeping that constant pace just a little bit higher than usual is, I think, where the real improvement comes from.


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