Weekly summary

I was off work last week and I got some hardcore exercising in. The grand summary is:

Saturday: 7.6 mile run
Sunday: 3.7 mile run
Monday: 30 mins bike
Tuesday: 35 mins bike
Wednesday: 8.2 mile run
Thursday: REST
Friday: 25 mins bike
Saturday: 8.2 mile run
Sunday: 30 mins bike

So 27.7 miles of running in 9 days. I went into it still aching from the previous week and it didn’t exactly get easier from there. The second Saturday run was very tough and took me 1:12, or 8:46 mins per mile, which felt really sloooooooow but it’s ok if you’re doing 8 of them in a row, I guess. I think the only reason it was that fast was because there was a woman putting me to shame at about the 6 mile mark (of course I assured myself that she had only just started and was much better rested than I).

It’s now Tuesday and my legs still ache. I’m sad that the nights have pulled in and it’s really too dark to (safely) run after work now, but my legs are relieved (for this week at least). NEED BETTER MUSCLES. Maybe I should do strength exercises?


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