Iain Duncan Smith makes me embarrassed to be British


DWP internal documents seen by the Guardian reveal that people earning between £330 to around £1,050 a month – just under the rate of the national minimum wage for a 35-hour week – could be mandated to attend job centre meetings where their working habits will be examined as part of the universal credit programme.

It seems like a cruel and unusual form of punishment, for crimes unspecified, that these same people’s taxes pay Ian Duncan Smith’s wages and generous expenses, such as £39 breakfast bills.

It is not coincidental that IDS is not famed for his intelligence or panache, but it seems doubly stupid he’d come up with this after the recent furore about a lot of minimum wage workers being on zero hours contracts, i.e. that their employer doesn’t actually guarantee them any hours of paid work a week, the employer just offers its employees hours that it needs filled that week. Which may be 40, or it may be 0.


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