Misconceptions about evolution

From Reddit: If i’m programmed by evolution to be productive, why do I have such an incredible desire to be lazy (and then regret it)?

Evolution likes productivity where productivity equals eating, drinking, having sex and looking after your offspring if you’re one of those species for which that’s important. It is extremely important to do these things using as few resources as possible, because resources are hard to come by, hence laziness is a very desirable trait. But it’s an optimisation problem with no constant solution, being too lazy means you don’t catch any food and being not lazy enough means you tire yourself out and get eaten by tigers.

But evolution doesn’t really care much about you sitting at your desk or 8 hours a day working away diligently to generate money for your employer while not reading Reddit. If you notice, cows spend most of their life standing around eating grass instead of more wholesome office work or manual labour. This is because cows aren’t idiots.


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