Jeremy Forrest

I am a bit fed up of reading about Jeremy Forrest being an evil manipulative paedophile.

I doubt that is the case. It seems more tragic to me. There’s no reason to believe he forced her in any way, so we’re already onto a whole different ball game than usual.

You’ve got two people who are in their own way vulnerable: the girl in that she’s a teenage girl, and the man in that his marriage is shit and he’s probably feeling helpless and having a bit of an emotional crisis. Then they come together and find some security and comfort in each other.

It just seems sad that he felt his life was so rubbish that he opted to try to have a serious relationship which was obviously inappropriate, and, more interestingly, which he must have realised was going to end how it did.

I don’t know, I’m speculating that he was in reasonable control of the rational part of his brain.

Or maybe he was happy to not consider any future part of his life because he assigned it no value, which I find an intriguing premise.

In any case…


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