There is nothing more dangerous than someone who believes they should make the world a better place

There’s something rather bizarre about watching a man with a strong London accent, who has in all likelihood never left the country (or city), talking about “his lands”, which he seems to believe are somewhere different to London.

It’s simple to say “what an absolute fucking idiot” and move on, but the fact is that absolute fucking idiots exist and are apparently easily influenced. In a few days we’ll have EDL thugs marching, lager in hand, ‘protesting’ against Muslims. And while they will be generally wrong in a practical sense, there is a very important point that politically correct liberals are quick to gloss over and that the likes of the EDL are far too stupid to latch onto and make directly, in that any system which manages to justify violence with “it’s ok, god wants it”, doesn’t really have any place in a sensible society.

It is fortunate that most religious people will happily ignore the cognitive dissonance of choosing the bits of their religion that happen to fit in best with their daily lives, but ultimately not everyone is that smart. It is terribly dangerous to encourage any belief system that outsources its reasoning to an invisible man in the sky who is intent on punishing you for disagreeing with him, especially when that belief system is prone to making intrusive demands about the lengths of other people’s lives.

Islam has some obvious problems and it does not make sense to elevate it above criticism.

In other news, I bet Nigel Farage’s vote share just doubled.


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