We already have two lines between London and Birmingham, why do we need another?

If there is a huge wad of money available to invest in rail, it should go towards improving existing infrastructure. Capacity and speed should not eclipse reliability. It would make more sense to try to connect other cities than to add a third way from getting between two already well linked cities. Although I’d rather see the existing network improved, because presumably anyone who’s not on the network is already dealing with that adequately, and I’m not sure we really need hundreds more miles of track to be subject to delays for whatever stupid reason they dream up.

On Friday, I was trying to catch the 12:45 train, and the status board went like this…

12:40 [ON TIME]
12:44 [ON TIME]
12:45 [ON TIME]
12:46 [ON TIME]
12:47 [ON TIME]
12:48 [DELAYED]

It finally turned up about 13:10. No explanation. It must have disappeared into a wormhole just before it got the station and it took 25 minutes to find its way out.


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