compiler + imagination = super*funtimes

At work we have an interesting requirement…

We started off needing to parse and evaluate simple statements. It kind of grew a bit, as you can imagine. This is in the context of an app that needs to keep track of typed user data, and I was intrigued by the fact we could use the internal type system to keep some control over the thing instead of trying to translate it into a string for the native environment to eval() (which is hard when you’re dealing with rich types).

I wrote an arithmetic evaluator first and then started plugging into it the type system. It first occurred to me that this might actually be pretty awesome when I started defining operators on the numeric type, i.e. operators are implemented by different types differently. That means I can do all sorts of crazy things. I can easily define arbitrary symbols to perform arbitrary operations on arbitrary types! I can subtract dates. I can do complex number arithmetic. It doesn’t matter that the language we’re writing it in can’t natively represent complex numbers. Thanks, Turing. I’ve essentially written a language where we can overload operators, a la C++. By the time I added dot-notation syntax to it to allow a binding between the native environment and the app’s statement language I was positively giggling like a schoolgirl. It’s *awesome*. I can define a property called ‘squareroot’ on Number, implement it however I want, and the string ’16.squareroot’ gets evaluated to 4. And ’16.squareroot.squareroot’ => 2.

And it gets better. Since it’s all typed internally, all I have to do is make sure the return value’s type gets inferred somehow and then I can start mixing and matching. ‘”1234″.length.squareroot’ => 2. That’s a string property that returns an integer and then uses an integer property. And everything still works fine with barely any extra effort.

Who says commercial programming has to be boring?


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