Today on the train there was a man reading a book. I saw its cover, it had a drawing of a woman and it was called “I am feminine”. This made me WTF. You can read what you want, but, really, in public?

ANYWAY, reading over his shoulder (as you do), I shortly after realised it was not “I am feminine”, but more likely “Ian Fleming”.

Hmm anyway, all this business with Amazon, Starbucks and Google. Easy solution: kick them out. Amazon isn’t the only web shop in town and coffee is bad for you anyway.

Google, however…

I wish it were possible to boycott Google. They became a monopoly largely by being better than terrible competition, and have remained a monopoly largely by being better than terrible competition which hasn’t really risen to the challenge. They’re a proper big tech company now, which means that most of their products suck and they can’t compete on any level in new markets. They just can’t do anything right. They are probably saturated with managers who are too busy writing corporate vision statements.

But until someone else comes up with a search engine that returns the right results more than once every blue moon then we’re stuck with them.


I like blogging

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