SO, APPARENTLY, I learnt today:

There is someone I went to school with who studied some biology discipline at university (I didn’t learn this bit today, keep reading, it’s late, my brain has forgotten how to prose). I was always a little jealous of them because they studied and stuff and did well, whereas I played computer games all day. It turns out they went into a fairly generic but probably relatively well paid job, but they’ve had the last three months off sick due to stress and boredom. This is a surprise, because like I say, I was always a bit jealous.

But mostly it’s interesting about the boredom and stress thing, because I can relate! Yes! Many people have boring jobs, and many people apparently deal with it okay. I am not one of those people; this is unsurprising, I am not one of many people. What is surprising is that this person, whom I would regard as generally more mature and more hard working than me, when placed in a similar situation reacted in a similar fashion. It is soul destroying to wake up in a morning knowing you have to survive 8 hours of absolute tedium. If you handle boredom badly (like I do), it is not a sustainable long term situation, and it does send you a bit insane (not in a good way).

In other news, I have another job now and it’s pretty good. I’ve only been there 5 weeks but after about 2 weeks it felt like I’d been there my whole life. The project I am working on is basically impossible and is doomed to failure, so I feel very lucky and excited to be working on it. If you knew it was going to work, there’d be no point doing it. :) It’s a new experience for me kind of looking forward to going to work.

It’s funny how the human mind conjures up all these things.


I like blogging

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