I really hate recruiters

It seems like no matter what you do, you will never escape the curse that is recruitment agencies.

When you are looking for a job you have to deal with the morons daily. When you get a job they continually phone you up touting for business. And some of them are sneaky. They don’t simply say “I’m a recruiter…”; they lie their way to your attention then bombard you with an advertising spiel when they finally get an audience. It is interesting that people can do this and not find themselves compelled to jump off a cliff due to the self-realisation that they are using valuable resources that could be used more beneficially by others. They must be able to completely disconnect themselves from any perceptions they would have about others behaving in the same way. Which is a shame for them, since their success depends on coming across well to others…

A few months ago I had to set this blog to private for a while because I had written something unflattering about a certain recruiter and then started receiving harassment and cyber-stalking (yes, really) from somebody claiming to be an “IT hiring manager”. This “IT hiring manager” had nothing but glowing recommendations of all recruiters, who made his life much easier, especially when looking for work, which apparently he did frequently. Upon closer inspection, it turned out his IP address was owned by Adecco, a recruitment agency large enough to have its own IP block, and curiously, the employer of the person I’d written unflattering things about. Pointing that out didn’t stop the several hundred page-views a day of him going through my blog entry by entry posting abusive comments wherever he could, though. For several days running.

Update: coincidentally, the day after I wrote this, I received no fewer than 10 spam emails from these guys.

I like blogging

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