I can’t believe…

…that ITV chose to fill in their newly found timeslot from Downton Abbey with I’m a celebrity get me out of here.

REALLY. It boggles the mind that these two programmes even appear on the same channel. I like Downton. There, I said it. And even if you don’t, (even though you are a philistine,) you will still recognise that Downton is well made and respectable, and I’m a celebrity is basically a shameless appeal to the viewer’s total lack of intelligence and taste.

Speaking of which, NADINE DORRIES. You know things are pretty bad when Louise Mensch accuses you of being an embarrassment to MPs. For those not paying attention or from other countries, one of our MPs decided that instead of doing the job her constituents elected her to do, she’d go off to Australia for a month to appear on this ludicrous television show, much to the surprise of just about everyone, and the embarrassment of her party who promptly suspended her. They had some fairly strained relations with her anyway. She’s generally regarded as pretty right wing even by conservative standards, and quite likely to defect to UKIP. It’ll be interesting to see if that happens now, and even more interesting if UKIP let her. I’m sure they’d like the seat, but they have some prior experience with lunatic females which might put them off.


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