dear america,

If you guys elect Romney, I’m definitely not visiting.

I think the most interesting thing about this election is that it has reinforced the suspicion that just about anyone could stand for president and suffer no real penalty for being anything from a raging imbecile to Hitler. The polarity of the fans electorate is such that the bulk will vote purely on the basis of the name of the party the candidate belongs to. It seems to be a minority of people who are willing to vote for whomever they genuinely think the lesser of two evils who actually decide the election.

Romney appears to be embarrassingly incompetent at politics and has no grasp of real life. He represents nobody but himself and apparently lacks either the cognitive awareness or simply motivation to act in favour of the vast majority of people who would vote for him. And yet, somehow, the election is still forecast to be pretty close. Partly that’s because safe victories predicted consistently for months in advance are incompatible with page views and advertising revenue (yes, I think Obama will win safely, but not as safely as he should on merit*), but mostly it’s because people seem to have a very strange sense of political loyalty that makes them overlook reality. He even seems to have survived the otherwise unstoppable force of religious intolerance. It’s incredible.

I can’t imagine voting for someone out of loyalty or how it can come about on such a scale. I’m not even planning to vote at the next UK election, such is the failure of any party to inspire me (yes, I voted at the last one. Don’t know why.).

Update: Okay so Obama won comfortably with 303 vs 206 votes (Florida pending). Except in terms of people who actually voted, he got 50% of the votes vs Romney’s 48%. This number doesn’t matter in terms of winning or losing, but it shows he only has marginally higher voter support. Which should be what matters. But isn’t.

* Relative merit, that is. I probably wouldn’t vote for him.


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