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It is so depressing and disheartening when people talk about this drive to encourage technology startups in the UK.

Because the UK’s idea of “creative”, a word I use quite wrongly, computing startups are clowns who make crappy WordPress websites (or Rails, if they’re feeling particularly confident) for customers who don’t really know what they’re buying. Or iPhone apps. Or social media campaigns. The UK’s startup computing industry mostly consists of people who have learnt the art of marketing something nobody needs, and the only reason technology is involved is because it’s easier to sell it as few people understand it, but many think they need it. These are media and advertising agencies who happen to use web technologies, and they are in endless supply all over the country, not just London. It’s an industry dedicated to trying to recreate a dot-com bubble. Whilst this may be good for the short-term economy, it is orthogonal to computing innovation or the industry’s long term health, and that is why the US far outperforms us in that area.

Here’s a good one mentioned in the comments of that article. “Bizzby is revolutionising the economy!” with no further explanation. Would the Treasury agree? You know you’re dealing with professionals when a job advert for a developer states “We promise fame, fortune and a regular bowl movement.”. And “You need to be happy working when it’s dark outside. We’ve got a mattress in the corner but you need to bring your own pillow”.

I do hope they fill the UX position quickly.


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