work #2

Somehow I’ve ended up being the lead developer on a project. Mostly by elimination, but I’m not complaining.

One of the other developers is a part time second year student. I foresee him being difficult. He is very much what you would call “strange”. He carries a Rubik’s cube around with him and he’s very confident in his abilities, which means he’ll almost certainly mess everything up at some point. Today he sent me a performance guide he’d written which turned out to be a treatise on micro-optimisation techniques, which if we spent many hours implementing in full, I imagine we might save about 3 milliseconds of runtime. I am very sceptical of confident programmers. To me, a confident programmer is just a programmer who hasn’t learnt from their mistakes.

I’m sure he’s incredibly intelligent. Just not in a useful way.

Apparently he made quite an impression on the rest of the office too. When learning he’d been hired, someone said “what, isn’t the project hard enough?” and compared it to Terry Pratchett’s million-to-one-chance. And that person didn’t even interview him. I have no idea…


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