With all the furore about the do-not-track standard…

Do not track is a distraction.

Like all previously great things, the web started out as a relatively small community of people doing what they loved to make something great, and it has degenerated, as everything does when people are involved, to a cesspit of scumbags people trying to make money out of people who have no interest in said people’s spam services. And these people seem to think that they have a god given right to push adverts in everyone’s faces by default.

Adverts are bad enough but tracking is just horrible. The whole premise is that it builds up a profile on you so it can more effectively try to extract money from you on products you evidently don’t want, else you wouldn’t need to see an advert to be prompted to buy it.

I have a better idea: fuck off. Do something productive with your life. Advertisers, your gravestone will read “spent their life trying to make people buy things they didn’t want”. Isn’t it a monumental fuck-up on behalf of society in general that this is considered a normal thing to do?

The phrase “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore” kind of sums it up. Well, it’s not so much the planet, just the people. I’m trying hard not to be a misanthrope but people are awful scumbags. It is possible that my mental state is not as stable as it could be. It is possible I am only just holding it together.


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