Tribes Ascend is such a clusterfuck.

Hi-Rez (the developers) must be a textbook case of how not to handle a game and community.

I love Tribes. Well, I loved Tribes 2. I think that’s what keeps me playing Tribes Ascend.

We have awful new maps like DX and Permafrost. DX in T2 classic was great (if overplayed), but in TA it’s rubbish because TA is basically Tribes-lite and the various things that made DX fun simply don’t exist in TA. I don’t think Hi-Rez quite understands that they have failed to implement a strongly Tribes-like gameplay and until they do this, things aren’t going to carry over from previous games correctly. Permafrost is another example of something that could be good but just doesn’t really work with the mechanics. Permafrost has too much mid-field and not enough flag. These kinds of maps worked fine in T2 but TA’s mechanics are simply not strong or varied enough for midfield play.

Despite almost half of my playtime being in JUG, I’ve got to the point now that I rarely play offence because what generally happens is I get half way across the map then start getting ripped apart by two or three streams of auto fire and/or several snipers. There’s no clever recourse to being attacked by several autos at once, especially if they’re being wielded by competent Tribes players. I’m convinced that the engine’s splash damage detection is dubious on some surfaces and it can be really hard to do any damage on certain hills, so you’re basically dead vs an auto user in a lot of situations. As a result we are now seeing ridiculous defence stacking, because nobody wants to play offence, which just makes the problem worse.

At higher skill levels, the game is just broken. And it’s not showing any signs of getting better. Patches are becoming less frequent and more tenuously linked to the game’s most obvious problems. In standard Internet-age fashion, it looks like Hi-Rez has got bored of TA and on the verge of abandoning it, and are effectively giving their customers a big middle finger. SMITE players beware – they did it to Global Agenda players, they shafted us with Tribes, and they’ll shaft you too. Think very carefully before giving Hi-Rez your money.


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