I really find it grating that this government, when faced with the problems they are employed to fix, will first blame everybody else. Last year Iain Duncan Smith made some stupid remark regarding unemployment about job-seekers not being willing to travel (he was strangely silent on the appalling state of British public transport), this year he has just made a formal complaint about the BBC in that Stephanie Flanders is too negative about his government’s handling of the economy, and this comes days after the Tories announced that British workers are idle (which is laughable).

Well, here’s the problem: Yes, there are problems and it is your job to fix these things. That’s why you were (almost) elected. Whining about other people isn’t fixing the problem. Anyone can whine and look to blame other people. If you don’t know how to fix them or are simply unwilling to make any serious attempt, then, frankly, you shouldn’t have the job.


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