I had an email today from a job I applied to last year asking if I’m still interested.

I have a job, but it turns out I am interested. My current job is boring. I am supposedly a programmer but the only code I ever seem to write is CSS. I rejected the job originally because I didn’t think it would be stimulating enough, and they repackaged it, bumped the salary and re-offered it to me. Now, it’s safe to say the things in the second role never materialised, and while the original role seemed to exist for a fleeting instant when I started, it would be a definite improvement over what I seem to have ended up doing now. If I had made up fictional qualifications to make myself more appealing to employers then I could be sued, but if they can make up a fictional role to be more appealing to employees, we’re on our own? It is frustrating. I have started programming at home again because I miss it. I miss doing what I am supposedly paid to do 40 hours a week.

This particular email is probably a non-starter because if I recall correctly they advertised it as a 3 month contract at £300 a week, which isn’t anywhere close to what I earn now and I don’t really want a temp job anyway, but I’ll express interest anyway and see where it goes. If nothing else maybe it’ll prompt me to start looking properly for something more interesting.

Although since our coalition overlords seem intent on destroying our rail services, it may be that I can’t get to work anymore soon. ALSO WHILE I’M HERE, what is the deal with the Falklands? Argentina is employing much macho posturing over, as far as I can tell, a tiny island they have no credible claim to, and one whose inhabitants overwhelmingly wish to remain British and not Argentinian. Am I missing something?


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