now I hate nvidia AND ati

As I might have mentioned before, I switched to an ATI card a few weeks ago to try to fix my TF2 driver crashes. It worked. I can play TF2. Unfortunately there are lots of games I cannot now play because the ATI driver crashes on them. Bioshock for example triggers a crash before you even get to the menu. I put this down to some kind of conflict with the old nvidia drivers, but today I did a clean install of Windows and it still happens in two separate and entirely unrelated games. The ATI driver crashes are horrible, at least Nvidia’s bowed out gracefully, an ATI driver crash needs you to hit the reset button.

Linux 2D performance is utterly dire too. Even worse than the nvidia drivers.

So I have my nvidia card back in, I can happily see the Bioshock menu, and so I am sending the ATI card back, I guess. I don’t know if my card is faulty or if the drivers are just awful but in either case, something isn’t fit for purpose. And the drivers are awful, I originally installed the Catalyst suite then had to remove it and install purely the display driver because Catalyst installed a bunch of processes which would consume 10-20% CPU time all the time, even when I’m trying to play CPU intensive games. Which does wonders for frame rate stability, as you can imagine.

The problem with graphics cards is that the solution to an Nvidia bug is to “buy ATI” and the solution to an ATI bug is to “buy nvidia”. They are both shit. Nvidia is probably slightly better. Although their hardware font anti-aliasing is more fuzzy.

edit: Hey if anyone’s wondering, I bought an nvidia 560 (not the GTX) and it works fine.


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