I don’t know how else to express my feelings regarding the ruling that Richard O’Dwyer should be extradited for “copyright infringement” other than to say: what the fuck.

It’s ridiculous and terrifying that an arbitrary UK citizen should be plucked out of his home and told the past few years of his life in the UK is going to be retroactively evaluated against American laws. Why do we allow America to do this when we would be rightly disturbed at the idea of allowing Saudi Arabia to extradite our female drivers?

It is also disgusting that his domain has been siezed by America without any kind of due process. I do not fully understand how it works, but I do know that if DNS cannot survive an attack by a single malicious agent, which is precisely what America is in this instance, then DNS has a massive security flaw.

Also, I don’t understand why America is ridiculing itself with something so frivolous. Have they not considered how stupid it makes them look?


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