Nightwish – Imaginaerum

so I haven’t listened to the full album and I probably shan’t bother, but this song (Scaretale) is kind of interesting in an evil circus music kind of way.

Unfortunately as with all recent Nightwish tracks it is spoilt by being insanely overdone to the point of being aurally bland. I hate those drop tuned guitars with such a horribly scooped tone. Scooped guitars just don’t crunch. They sound too smooth. They sort of “zshh” a bit, but they don’t crunch, and that is unsatisfying.

The smoothness is made even worse by the predominance of the orchestral sounds. Back in the old days, Nightwish was a guitar, a bass and a keyboard (and a drum and singer, obviously). Smooth it was not, it was believably rough around the edges, and that alongside brilliant song-writing made the whole thing great. There were few things going on and all of them were good. There were well defined and original melody lines. Now we have tonnes of things going on and none of them is really very interesting. The vocals are the nearest thing to a consistent melody and they aren’t exactly adventurous. Tumous’s composition gets ever more ambitious and yet it sounds ever more bland. Scaretale takes a good two minutes before we get past the pointless and forgettable introduction.

Listen to Elvenpath and note the beautiful crunchy, clear and piercing mid-tones and the impressive but entirely unpretentious song-writing.

I’m not going to get into an Annete vs Tarja argument because I quite like Annete, but I think Tarja’s What Lies Beneath is better than the last few years of Nightwish.



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