I am the only person in the world who has not played Skyrim. AND I DON’T WANT TO EITHER. I imagine it’s vast, sparse, boring and the dialogue is bland and badly written. And probably buggy. Is this not the case?

TF2 best loadouts:
Medic: Amputator + Crusader’s Crossbow. A crossbow kill is the best feeling in the world. The amputator’s taunt is very useful if you need to try to keep a lot of people alive at once. I play a very very very very aggressive medic style, it is not uncommon for me to get 2:1 k:d as a medic. With the item set bonus, my health charges so fast that I rarely die anyway. If I spot a spy, he is going to get his face amputated, and I seem to have a sixth sense for spies. If I spot a sniper, chances are he’s going to get a crossbow bolt to the face. The crossbow does about 70 damage at long range which means that more often than not, you won’t get the kill, but you’ll get it often enough to make it worth the effort, especially if you know they are wounded.
Demoman: Loch n Load + Ullapool Caber. YES. When I am on form I am unstoppable! When I am not on form I get killed a lot. You can take down most classes with 2 shots from the Loch n Load.

I have also been playing Pyro a lot, for the airblasting hilarity. There’s something quite funny about duelling a soldier and seeing the apparent “well what do I do now?” after you start reflecting his rockets. Most of them just stand there and look at you for a while. I hate the Direct Hit wielders, though. I can’t reflect those at all. Yesterday I got a brilliant reflect kill; an enemy pyro was trying to deflect rockets from a level 3 sentry back at the sentry, which I then reflected back at him. He was annoying me so I was pleased with that. The problem is that most pyros go on suicide m1+w missions and get lots of points, whereas I usually hang back and take lots of bullet damage while trying to attract projectiles I can reflect into crowds.


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