I have played way too much TF2 today.

It’s Halloween in TF2! We’re currently re-experiencing last year’s Halloween event (except many of us didn’t play back then), which is basically that there’s a halloween map (the Mann Manor) which is exactly the same as Mountain Lab but HALLOWEEN THEMED. Also there are gift drops which give you paper bag masks. If you collect all 9 masks, you can craft the Saxton Hale mask. I currently have four. The other relatively minor halloween event is the Horseless Headless Horsemann, who spawns every so often and rampages around the map KILLING EVERYONE. Several times. If you kill him, you get an achievement. If you kill him with a melee weapon, you get an achievement AND some haunted metal which with you can craft one of two hats or an axe for the demoman. It’s much sought after and it’s also insanely hard because the Horsemann will kill you with one swipe of his axe, so getting in close to him and remaining alive is a matter of luck.

As is usually the way, I got my metal on Saturday the first time I played the map, having no idea the metal or the achievement even existed. I was demoknighting and I was on something crazy like 4:1 kills to deaths so I was feeling fairly invincible charging at things with my Skullcutter, and a giant axe wielding undead skeleton wasn’t going to deter me. My sister also plays and she has had much much less luck, she has spent her TF2 time over the last few days doing little else but chasing the Horsemann. We were under the impression that you have to remain alive throughout its death to receive the achievement/metal but she finally got lucky with it tonight and received the achievement, even though the Horsemann killed her just before it died. It only took four days.


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