RIP Louise Mensch’s career, 2006-2011

HIGNFY. Ah. Last week you gave us the lovely and adorable Victoria Coren, this week you gave us the vile and repulsive Louise Mensch. I compare them mostly because they’re blonde. Apart from that they seem to be polar opposites.

I don’t like Louise Mensch and it dismays me that she has lately received relatively good press coverage from people who should know better. I commend those people for not judging by appearances; I am shallow and I am put off right from the start by her gratingly childish intonation and her tendency to puff herself out and speak more and more through her nose when she’s trying to prove someone else wrong, like a 16 year old at a debating society who’s decided that they’re more intelligent than everyone else. She is even more off-putting now she seems to have had her face surgically transformed into an ominous grin. Nevertheless, I suggest those people have forgotten the intellectually bankrupt attack on AV the BBC allowed her to launch (on HIGNFY) a few days before the referendum. I also suggest that whilst they might approve of her recently taking on Piers Morgan, she was in the wrong and in any other circumstances what she did would be called libel (and incompetence – quoting a source without actually reading it). I further suggest they haven’t read any of her books. Do you want an excerpt? Here’s one:

It would be good to see Lisa Costello like that. His cock stirred at the thought of it. She had looked so goddamn [sic] hot on that bed, passed out cold in her little nightdress. Great ass [sic], tight but real [sic] round, sticking out from that small waist. Good tits too. Natural, generous. The kind of body that promised a man a fuck he would never forget.

I was annoyed she was appearing on HIGNFY again, that the BBC were yet again giving her a platform; she is an incredible attention seeker and Boris got elected on no other apparent basis than his HIGNFY appearances, but I needn’t have worried. They gave her the platform but she had no idea how to use it properly. Whilst she may have accidentally appeared reasonable in all the previous situations, I don’t think she left any room for ambiguity on this one. She doesn’t quite have Boris’s suave charismatic talents.

She made the point regarding the anti-capitalist protests, that if you buy a cup of coffee from Starbucks you have no right to protest capitalism. Also if you buy a tent. As has been echoed elsewhere, if you wish to expose a hypocrisy in the anti-capitalist protests, pointing towards the invasive prevalence of, and dependency upon, global capitalistic super-powers in every day life is not the best way to go.

It is funny to read some takes that everyone else ganged up and bullied her, LEFT WING BIAS AT THE BBC AGAIN. Apparently, giving a prominent position to a Tory MP is left wing bias? It’s not the BBC’s fault she said something stupid. Also, as we get HIGNFY in a concisely edited 30-minute format, we don’t fully know what else she’d said up until that point.


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