Economy, I am disappoint

It is pretty funny that the government thinks that unemployment is down to people being in the wrong place. Umm, no, the problem is there aren’t enough jobs. Is this so hard to understand? Your government has done virtually nothing except make lots of people redundant, and now you are surprised that unemployment has risen? Maybe it was right to make cuts (maybe it wasn’t, I lean towards the latter), but certainly what all but the most ridiculously stupid of people would have noticed was that if you are going to remove jobs, you also need to create them elsewhere, or there won’t be enough. This should be apparent to most people. It should also be questionable to most people if you propose you are going to try to cut a deficit by making everyone unemployed. It doesn’t quite add up. If you want to cut a deficit you need to make sure everyone is earning lots of money and generating profit for the country. Unemployment is a massive waste from an optimisation point of view. But then again I am not an economist so I do not understand these things. Unfortunately, neither is George Osborne.

David Cameron is “disappointed” with the recent rise of unemployment. It’s like hitting myself in the face then being “disappointed” that it hurts.

As a highly qualified person with very tangible skills who is unemployed, there is something very disheartening about being given employment advice by a bunch of Etonion millionaires who bumbled into the positions they have today through no obvious other method than having rich parents. It’s not even like we elected them.

It is hard to understand how moving would help much. There is unemployment all over the country. Very few people are sufficiently unique that a company should value them significantly over the people applying from their local area. You do see jobs advertised again and again as if it’s hard to fill them, but this isn’t because there’s no one suitable, this is because the company is really bad at hiring or just puts out a bad impression that scares everyone away. For example, I applied for a job about six weeks ago which s still being advertised now. I received a badly written response that asked me for the same information already given in my application. There are a lot of jobs advertised and it’s not worth spending extra time dealing with someone who is rude or semi literate or lazy for a job that you probably won’t get anyway, you’re better off spending that time on another application to somewhere else.

The idea of a mobile British workforce goes back to 1930 when it was originally proposed by The Right Honourable Roderick Spode, 7th Earl of Sidcup. Historical footage:


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